Boxes & Packaging

How much does a Wonky Box cost me?

We have boxes in all shapes and sizes. These range from $23 to $46 and a delivery fee will be added upon checkout. Check out our boxes types and sizes here.

Are the fruit & veggies organic and/or spray free?

We prioritise all produce that's at risk of going to waste. Therefore, some items may be organic, and some might not. However, we recognize the growing demand for organic, pesticide-free, and biodynamic produce and the importance of sustainable farming practices. In the future, if we can bring enough organic growers on board, we may be able to release a fully organic Wonky Box or have organic add on’s for the box.

Can I alternate between different box types?

Absolutely! To do so, you would need to have two active subscriptions for the different products. If you wanted to alternate between a fruit & veg box and a veg-only box, you would need two fortnightly subscriptions that reflect alternating delivery weeks. Please remember to schedule the boxes on alternating weeks so you don’t get them delivered at the same time. If you go away and skip, please remember to skip the second subscription too!

What packaging do you use within the boxes?

At Wonky, we are committed to reducing our plastic usage as much as possible, and we avoid plastic wherever we can. We understand the negative impact that plastic can have on the environment, and we're doing our part to reduce it. We have invested in good quality cardboard box packaging to help protect produce during transit and reduce the need for plastic. When we buy produce directly from growers, we ask them to send their produce to us without plastic packaging, knowing that it will still be fresh and having saved a plastic bag. For small items, we pack them into paper bags, and for pre-cut items, we use compostable cellulose film which is extracted from renewable plant material. While we try to avoid using plastic, there are some delicate items like lettuce, tomatoes, and baby silverbeet that require plastic to keep them from decomposing before they reach your fridge. In these cases, we promise to take time to carefully consider whether or not it's necessary to use plastic. All plastic used by us is recyclable at soft plastic recycling stations. At Wonky, we prioritise all food that is going to waste and we will use plastic for items that would otherwise go to waste to avoid both food and plastic ending up in landfill.

Do you deliver fruit boxes to offices?

We're sorry but at this time, we do not offer delivery of fruit boxes to offices. Our focus is on delivering our boxes directly to customers' homes or residential addresses. However, if you're interested in placing a large order for an event or special occasion, please reach out to our customer service team and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

Do you deliver boxes for different-sized households?

We have boxes in all shapes & sizes! Pick from small, medium or large and choose whether you’d like fruit or not. If you feel like you’ve got an overflowing fruit bowl or your household is inhaling more fruit and veg than usual, change the subscription frequency to suit your needs.