How can I track my delivery?

You’ll receive an email the morning before your delivery with a tracking number. Using this tracking number, you can monitor your box's journey to you. If you download the NZ Post App, you can receive push notifications updating you on your delivery, including delays and estimated delivery times. If you provide NZ Post with an authority to leave (ATL), the courier driver will take a picture of where they have left the box.

What if my home is a bit tricky to locate?

We ask you to leave as detailed delivery instructions as possible. If you haven't entered these upon checkout, you can do so by logging into your account and adding a note to your delivery.

How will I know when my box has been delivered?

When we've begun packing your box, we'll send you an email with a tracking number so you can monitor its journey to you. We will send you an email when the box has arrived on your doorstep.

I can't find my box

If you can't find your box, please reach out to us at We'll be in touch with you to help locate it or process a full refund. If this happens, we act immediately, and you will not be left out of pocket.

Will the courier ring the doorbell?

If you have a preference as to whether you would like your doorbell rung or not, please add this to your delivery notes upon checkout.

How can I let you know a safe place to leave my box?

By logging into your account, you can leave a delivery note for us under account details. The note will be attached to each delivery.