Ordering & New Customer Queries

What is the delivery fee to my area?

Delivery fees are calculated after you have entered your postcode within the shipping section of checkout. These fees are calculated based on how far your postcode is from our depot and the full fee goes to our courier partners. You can get in touch with us with your postcode, or enter your details into the shipping section after you have selected your box on the checkout flow.

What are subscriptions?

A subscription-based model is a business model in which a company provides a product or service to its customers on a recurring basis. Customers usually sign up for a subscription, and with Wonky, we offer weekly, 2 weekly, 3 weekly or monthly options. You’ll receive regular boxes throughout the time you are signed up with us. Just like other subscription services like Netflix or Spotify, you are not locked into a contract and can cancel at any time. The only ask from us is that you do this before your cut off time so we don’t over order from the growers.

When are the cut off days for new orders and order amendments?

To make sure we don't waste any food, we need to let our growers know how many boxes we need before we pack and deliver them to you. Therefore, we have a specific cut-off time for placing and amending orders. Cut-off time is is four days before your scheduled delivery at 10 AM. If your box is arriving on Thursday, update your exclusions by Sunday before 10 AM. For Friday deliveries, please make changes by Monday before 10 AM.

Can I order a one-off box?

Currently, we only sell our Wonky Boxes on subscription. This helps with forecasting for produce each week and betters our grower relationships. If you sign up with Wonky, you can skip weeks or cancel your subscription at any time before the cut-off each week.