Exclusions & Box Customisation

We want you to love everything in your box and exclude the items you dislike, so there's less risk of waste when it hits your doorstep! We offer a flexible exclusions function to help make each delivery perfect for you and your whānau.

Personalise Your Box:

Select Your Exclusions: Not a fan of Brussels sprouts? Prefer not to see eggplants? You can exclude up to three items from your Wonky Box.

Tailored Substitutions: We promise to replace the first excluded item with another fresh, seasonal product. We’ll do our best to substitute the second and third items you choose to exclude with different items. However, if this isn’t possible, you'll receive more of another fruit or veggie that's already included in your box.

Change Whenever Suits You: Your preferences might change with the seasons, and so can your box. Feel free to adjust your exclusions at any time to explore new veggies or avoid those you're not fond of.

How to Set Your Exclusions:

As this is a relatively new functionality to Wonky Box, we’re still adding the bells and whistles to the customer portal so you can complete the changes yourselves. In the meantime, please contact our friendly customer team, and we can add them to your subscription.

Timely Updates: Please let us know your exclusions before the cut-off time. This is four days before your scheduled delivery at 10 AM. If your box is arriving on Thursday, update your exclusions by Sunday before 10 AM. For a Friday delivery, please make changes by Monday before 10 AM.

Why Timing Matters: This deadline allows us to process your billing and prepare your box's personalised label reflecting your exclusions. Once your order is processed, we're unable to modify the exclusions for that delivery.