Freshness Guarantee

At Wonky, we celebrate the 'too big,' 'too small,' and 'too ugly,' but one thing we promise is unwavering freshness for our customers. Our team handpicks and packs Wonky Boxes along a packing line, ensuring the utmost care. On the rare occasion that something ends up in a box that shouldn't be there, we're committed to keeping you satisfied without leaving you out of pocket.

Our Guarantee:

  • Compensation Options: If you receive produce that doesn't meet our freshness standards, we'll compensate you. You can choose between in-store credit for your next box or a refund.
  • Learning from Mistakes: We value transparency and continuous improvement. Pictures are always helpful for us to learn from our mistakes. Share your feedback by contacting us here, including your order number and a brief description of the issue, along with a picture.